October 29, 2008


Category : Affiliate Networks
Site title : Money3Affiliates
Website url : http://www.money3affiliates.com

Description :
Money3Affiliates offers a niche selection of merchants available through the Money3Affiliates.com network. Each of these merchants has a different type of product that they are selling - and each is ready to give you a commission on that sale if you bring a customer to them. Choose from revenue share, cost per acquisition (CPA), Pay per Lead (PPL) or a pay-per-click.

Base commission : Varies

Two Tier : No

Recurring Commissions: Yes

Your Full Name : Alon Klatchko

Commission Type : Other

Payment method : Wire, PayPal

Payment frequency : Monthly

Minimum payment : $100

Affiliate software : In-house

Cookie period : 60 days

Data feed : No

Join here : https://www.money3affiliates.com/affiliateregistration.asp
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October 28, 2008

Ready Made Joomla

Category : web design
Site title : Ready Made Joomla!
Website url : http://readymadejoomla.com
The ReadyMade Joomla Package is well researched, well documented and of the highest standards possible. We believe the quality of the product is enough to last for a long term in the market. Moreover, the niche (web development) is huge, and most importantly, the idea behind the product is unique and surely fits the term 'Never before Offered'.

The price of the product is very low in contrast to most Internet products which can increase your chances of making a sale.

Affiliates earn 75% commission per sale. Affiliate program managed via ClickBank. We have created a Banners and Links generating Tool specially for our Clickbank Affiliates, and are constantly coming up with new ideas to help you.
Base commission: 75%
Two Tier : No
Recurring Commissions : No
Your Full Name : Ritoban Chakrabarti
Commission Type : Pay Per Sale
Payment method : Check, PayPal, Other
Payment frequency : Bi-monthly
Minimum payment : $10
Affiliate software : Clickbank
Cookie period : 60 days
Data feed : No
Join here : http://readymadejoomla.com/cb/affiliates.php
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October 23, 2008

GetSpecific Internet Marketing

Category: URL submission

Site title: GetSpecific Internet Marketing
Website url: http://www.getspecific.com/resell.htm

Would you like to offer your clients our top rated submission packages? As a former marketing manager for today's leading Internet marketing firm WebPromote we know all the pitfalls to website promotions. Since starting our own firm we have achieved some of the highest and most consistent placement in the major search engines and directories for our clients than any other reputable Internet marketing firm today. We are fully aware that many of your clients are coming to you with Internet marketing concerns, so let our staff of professional consultants handle those needs, work with you side by side and provide you with a generous 15% commission, while performing 100% of the marketing. Provided by Greg Elam..

Base commission: Not available

Two Tier: No

Recurring Commissions: No

Your Full Name: Not available

Commission Type: Pay Per Sale

Payment method: Check

Payment frequency: Not available

Minimum payment: Not available

Affiliate software: Not available

Cookie period: Not available

Data feed: No

Join here: Not available
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October 17, 2008


Category: baby or child

Site title: 123sun.ca

Website url: http://123sun.ca/english-vetements-enfants-quebec.php

123sun.ca is a pretty online boutique which offers children's clothes. You can buy online some of the greatest brands on the market like Mexx, Robeez, One Kid and many more. This boutique has an average of about 5000 unique visitors per month. We are located at St-Lambert (near Montreal), Quebec, Canada. We have a real physical boutique.
Affiliates earn 5% commission on sales.

Base commission: 5%

Two Tier: No

Recurring Commissions: No

Your Full Name: Jocelyn Desrochers

Commission Type: Pay Per Sale

Payment method: Check, PayPal

Payment frequency: Monthly

Minimum payment: $CAD35

Affiliate software: mtracker

Cookie period: 30 days

Data feed: No

Join here: http://www.123sun.ca/affiliation1-eng.php
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Corner Stork Baby Gifts

Category: baby or child

Site title: Corner Stork Baby Gifts

Website url: http://www.cornerstorkbabygifts.com

With the Corner Stork Baby Gifts affiliate program you'll earn 12% commission on all sales and re-orders (within 120 days).
In addition to elegant and unique baby gifts, your visitors will find personalized baby gifts, distinctive baby keepsakes and adorable baby decor items.
Base commission: 12%

Two Tier: No

Recurring Commissions: No

Your Full Name: Jason Forthofer

Commission Type: Pay Per Sale

Payment method: Check, Wire

Payment frequency: Monthly

Minimum payment: $25

Affiliate software: CJ, Shareasale

Cookie period: 120 days

Data feed: Yes

Join here: http://www.cornerstorkbabygifts.com/affiliate.aspx
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